DENISON, Texas (KTEN) -- It's been almost seven years since the City of Denison launched the Designing Downtown Denison project. 

Now the City Council has approved $1.2 million to begin planning for Phase Two.

"We look to begin design after the first of the year," said Main Street director Donna Dow. "We should complete Phase One probably by April to June of next year."

Rhonda Bourgne is currently developing 10 buildings around Main Street. She credits the city and the D3 project as one of the reasons she chose to plant roots in Denison.

"The city was prepping for it already -- getting all the roads ready, getting the design ready -- so when commerce was popping in, it is ready to go," Bourgne said.

Bourgne, along with developer Don Day, have teamed up on several renovations. The pair plan on developing buildings into lofts, restaurants, and retail space.

"We have taken some decorative implements from the Waples Patter building -- which was demolished -- and it was part of the railroad headquarters," Bourgne said.  "We are using lion heads from there, and concrete casts over the windows."

Day believes the updates will encourage people to visit Denison.

"If you think about it, all of us look for beautiful things and beautiful places," he said. "The more they update their downtown, the better it will become."