DENISON, Texas (KTEN) -- Thursday, the Centers for Disease Control advisory board voted in favor of adding the COVID-19 vaccine to the immunization schedule.

The committee meets every year to review and update the vaccination schedule. The schedule is meant to help guide doctors in determining when to administer important vaccinations, particularly for children. 

The recent announcement from the CDC does not mandate that students get the COVID-19 vaccine. State and local governments make their own rules about which vaccines are required for school attendance.  

The Public Information Coordinator for Denison's Independent School District says they won't change anything until the state announces it.

"As a Texas public school district, we are guided by the Texas Education Agency and the board of education," said, Brian Eaves. "While the CDC has made this recommendation, until we are mandated by the TEA we have no comment on the matter." 

Texomans differ on whether or not they believe students should get this vaccination.  

"I do think they should because I think that it works," said resident, Pam.  "I have had my shot and the boosters and I have never had covid, so for the safety of our kids and the safety of our nation."

"I think the basic vaccines are fine, measles, mumps and all that, but there is so many side effects," said another resident, Donna. "Look at all the people that are getting vaccinated and still dying, it's not getting any better."

The decision will continue to be up to each state, school district and parent to decide whether or not to get their child vaccinated for COVID-19.