ARDMORE, Okla. (KTEN) — Plainview Intermediate School, along with many other districts across the country, took part in Rock Your School Day. 

It’s an initiative to get students engaged in the classroom. 

Some Plainview students said they were surprised when they arrived Friday and saw the halls decorated and fun learning activities on the schedule.

“I was shocked and just amazed by everything,” said 4th grader Garrett Wilson. 

“It was amazing to see their faces and hear their gasps when they looked around, and they know that something exciting is going to happen today,” added teacher Susan Perkins. 

Participating educators came up with creative ways to enhance learning. 

“You can decorate a little differently and do activities," Perkins said. "The engagement in my classroom is really at 100 percent. Whenever they come down the hall and see the lights and tablecloths we decorated as pumpkins, they get excited about it, and you really get that buy-in that we’re looking for.” 

In English class, students made crafts while learning descriptive writing. 

“They designed pumpkins, so ‘Farmer Perkins’ steals their pumpkin, and we put it on display in the class,” Perkins explained. “They have to write a descriptive paragraph on their pumpkin, and then they have to pick out which one is theirs, so they have to be extra descriptive.”

The movement is sponsored by Get Your Teach On. You can visit their website to learn more about ‘Rock Your School’ Day.