SHERMAN, Texas (KTEN) — Rick Dunn, a judicial candidate for Grayson County Court at Law #2, spoke with constituents during a meeting with the Republican Women of Grayson County on Friday.

In the audience were representatives for Rep. Pat Fallon (R-District 4) and four judges.

"Today at the Republican's women group here, love them, haven't missed since December," said Dunn, who will be facing Democratic candidate Barry Rubarts.  "They're a great group of ladies that really fight for me and I'm really excited."

Dunn's speech went over his platform — including a program to turn jail time into rehabilitation for those that need it — and helping get the pileup of court cases done. Plus a new way to help juveniles.

"Actually call them up once a month just to see how school's going," said Dunn. "Any problems with probation, any problems at home... so that way the kids will know they're not forgotten. It's a great way to show them someone besides their parents care."

"Ready to get in there and do it," said attendee Anna Wylie. "And kind of clear the docket, with all the backlog, I'm really impressed with that. I think he's going to be a really good candidate for us."

The Republican Women group is advocating for Dunn as a local who's family is rooted in the area.

"Just his integrity and his faith-based, and just who he is, in that energetic person," said Vice President of the Republican Women of Grayson County Cheryl Inman. "I think is exactly what that position needs. And he checks every box that that position requires."

Election Day is about three weeks away on November 8. Early voting begins October 24.