DENISON, Texas (KTEN) — Texas ranks No. 20 as the most expensive state to live in. But data for Denison is even better than the state average.

People in other cities across the state are paying way more than the average Denison household, which spends about $1,430 a month on things like rent, utilities and cable TV.

“Denison ranks 231, so that’s definitely at the lower end of the spectrum,” said Liz Powell from doxoINSIGHTS, which crunched the numbers. “If you consider a place like Austin, it’s around $2,500 a month.”

Even without the cost of rent, that total is still lower.

“Utilities — the amount that Denison residents pay — is around $217 a month, as compared to the national average of $328,” Powell said.

One of the reasons why bills for Denison residents are so far below the national average is due to location.

“Usually, utilities are a lot higher in places where it’s really, really cold in the winter and really, really hot in the summer,” Powell said.

Yes, Texoma has had harsh freezes over the past two years, but Powell says residents in the Northeast pay more for their bills because they have to deal with extreme heat and extreme cold.

According to the doxoINSIGHTS survey, average monthly bills are higher in other Texoma cities:

  • Durant: $1,487
  • Ada: $1,580
  • Sherman: $1,649
  • Ardmore: $1,679

Overall, the State of Oklahoma ranks No. 45 on the most expensive state list, where monthly bills average $1,634. 

Hawaii ranks No. 1 on the doxoINSIGHTS most expensive list, where average monthly bills total $2,911; the cheapest living is in West Virginia, at $1,452.