COLLINSVILLE, Texas (KTEN) - At the beginning of the year Collinsville head coach Garrett Patterson said that his team has no where to go but up from last year, and so far they've successfully accomplished that.

"When you start the season you have all these plans and everything, but you really don't know how they're all going to come together. I think we've grown a whole lot this year," said Patterson. "We've won some really tough games and handled some business on games that weren't so tough, so it's been nice to see. It's been enjoyable to be 6-1 for sure."

Collinsville's only loss this year is to an undefeated Cooper team in non-district play.

"We've definitely had our ups and downs, but I think seeing what coach Patterson and what coach Davidson have done with the game plans they've put out I think seeing all that come together as one I think is very exciting with all the winning we've done," said junior quarterback Logan Jenkins.

Playing a team like Cooper helped prepare the Pirates for a game like this Friday where they face an undefeated Santo team who is ranked number seven in the state according to Dave Campbell's Texas Football rankings. Patterson feels Cooper and Santo are almost one and the same.

"Almost like playing the game before you play the game. They're really really really similar. A lot of them are running gunner stuff, and so I'm very familiar with that, so the preparation will be there," said Patterson.

"Being in that game, we felt like we gave away a whole lot of chances. We had four turnovers and two turnovers inside the ten so trying not to make those mistakes because we're probably not going to see the ball very much on Friday. They're going to slow us down and try to make us play their game."

This game will likely come down to the wire, and the players can't wait to get on the field for this matchup.

"The team's really excited for this season since we've been doing so well, and we're excited for this game. It's a big game," said junior running back Rylan Newman.

Kickoff is set for 7 p.m.