SHERMAN, Texas (KTEN)—Sherman's city council approved plans for water infrastructure and a ten-year master plan for the city.

The plan takes into account expected growth from Texas Instruments and Globitech expansions.

Based on taxpayer feedback, the city plans to invest more into downtown over the next decade.

"People want to retain the small-town feel we have, especially as it pertains to downtown," Sherman spokesperson Nate Strauch said. "They don't want to lose that small town feel that makes Sherman special, that makes it different than Prosper or McKinney or somewhere down south."

The often-contentious county jail expansion was on the minds of both council members and taxpayers.

"They did touch on the jail expansion plan, of course that's something that the city council strongly opposes," Strauch said. "We're really looking for an alternative location where they can build a center that will serve their needs for years to come."

The council also took the first step toward expanding the water treatment plant to a 25 million gallon capacity.