GAINESVILLE, Texas (KTEN) -- Watch D.O.G.S. is an acronym for Dads of Great Students. The goal is to have a father figure in the schools for the kids to see.

"The male presence, you know, in elementary is not, very common anymore," said 1st Grade teacher at Whitewright Elementary, Kim Starrett. "And, so to have that male presence for the kids that don't have that male presence at home, it's great."

The men that participate will help kids with school work, play with them at recess and watch the halls for their safety, while adding a bit of fun to the day.

"They go to P.E., they attend recess, go to lunch, they help in the cafeteria, they read with our students," said Dustin Pittman, Whitewright Elementary's Vice Principal. "It's very beneficial for all of our kids."

"You're helping the school, you're an extra set of eyes," said Principal of Edison Elm in Gainesville, Ruben Dominguez. "You're helping the teachers, but in a way really though, you have the chance to make the impact on the kid, who most likely doesn't have that at home."

Tuesday night Gainesville schools held a meeting for interested men to come and apply for a position as a Watch Dog.
The process includes a background check to ensure students safety.

And schools have done similar volunteer opportunities in the past. Sherman I.S.D. currently has different volunteer programs set for some of their schools.

"I've had kids tell me about similar things, that are older," said Dominguez. "That remember Mr. So-and-so or their uncle or whoever this person was, came and showed them how to do this thing. So, it's a bigger deal than you might think."

Although right now the program has a focus on the younger kids, there could be opportunities to help in the high schools later on.