(KTEN) — Last week, the Oklahoma Tax Commission that all Oklahomans must pay individual state income tax.

Between August 2020 and September 20, 2022, more than 9,261 residents claimed an exemption from state tax. Their reasoning was based on tribal income exclusion.

Almost 650 of those claimants filed protests because they disagreed with how the Tax Commission handled the exemptions.

"We can't have a situation where one race or one geography, one part of the state, gets a whole different set of rules," said Gov. Kevin Stitt.

He said he believes the ruling benefits the entire state.

"We all go to the same high schools; we all drive on the same roads; we benefit from the same state services," Stitt said. "This is just common sense, and I believe all four million Oklahomans agree with me on this."

The governor's office estimated that the state could lose $75 million of revenue annually if the courts choose to expand the Supreme Court decision in the McGirt vs. Oklahoma case; currently, that decision only impacts criminal law.