GUNTER, Texas (KTEN) — "We're going to put 'Friday Night Lights' in your backyard," said Gunter resident Paul Paban, who opposes a plan to build a new high school along JC Maples Road.

According to the minutes from the September 19 meeting of the Gunter Independent School District Board of Trustees, the district is negotiating the purchase of 120 acres.

Kathleen Bowe owns a house adjacent to the land. She opposes the district's plan.

"This is our retirement home, our forever home, but it's not going to be if there will be a football stadium behind it," Bowe said.

Gunter ISD superintendent Scott Martindale said while the district looked at several options, the property on JC Maples Road best suited their needs. The decision was partially based on the fact that the land is located on the city's east side, where the majority of Gunter students live.

But Paul and Martha Paben argued that the city's west side will be the epicenter of future growth.

"The high density housing they are putting over there is going to be going to school," Paul said.

"Yeah, because of the expansion of the Dallas North Tollway," Martha added.

The land for the new high school is also next to a new water utility facility. Martindale said that could save the district money.

"There's going to be Mustang's office and water tower right here," the superintendent said. "That's a big decision for our district; utilities are right there."

But Bowe believes the roads in her neighborhood are not designed to deal with the traffic that a large school will bring.

"These roads are tiny; they are going to need to be widened," she said. "They aren't designed to put the kind of traffic he's talking about putting on them."

Martindale believes in the end that the proposed high school will eventually be developed.

"This piece of land is going to be developed by someone. It's a great piece of property," the superintendent said.