GRAYSON COUNTY, Texas (KTEN) — The Texas Parks and Wildlife Department now requires any buck or antlerless white-tailed deer harvested in Grayson County to be reported.

TPWD white-tailed deer program director Alan Cain said the report is helpful, specifically with all the housing developments going into the county.

"An idea of whether is hunting is being able to help reduce that population — especially as the habitat continues to shrink — that is going to give us ideas about that," Cain said. 

There are two ways to report the harvest. One option is on the My Texas Hunt Harvest smartphone app. The other way to report is on the Texas Parks and Wildlife Department's website.

"It's going to ask you what the sex of the deer was, or buck or doe," Cain said. "It will ask you what deer management you harvested that deer in, and some other basic information."

The department will then make changes, if necessary, based on the data collected.

"Based on that information it helps us determine if we need to adjust those regulations, such as changing a bag limit maybe a shorter season," Cain said.

Big O's Archery owner and hunter Orvie Cantrell believes reporting the harvest could be helpful in the future. 

"Some guys have told me they've had trouble trying to report on the app, it wasn't working," Cantrell said. "I think as long as the information is used to benefit hunting opportunities, it will be good in the long run."

Cain said those hunters who fail to comply with the requirement will be in violation.

"First year of the new rule, game wardens are going to work with folks and remind, but it's not an excuse... you got to make sure to get it reported," Cain said.