TEXOMA (KTEN) -- Students at Hyde Park Elementary in Denison and Tishomingo Elementary had some special guests to teach them about basic fire safety in a fun interactive way.

"Each student got to go out and tour the fire trucks and look around and see some of the firemen in full gear,” said Tishomingo Elementary Principal Brandon Moreland. “So they really enjoyed that.”

For the Denison Fire Department this excursion is just as fun as it is important, and not only for the kids.

"In my 35 years in being in fire service,” said Denison Fire Chief Kenneth Jacks. “The best way to get the children involved, is to come to the school and give them that information, then they take that information back to their mother and father and everything.”

Students were cheering the minute they saw the firefighters.

"The kids were really excited they all got a fireman badge sticker on their side,” said Moreland. “And they were really excited about that. And a few of them I saw walking around with fireman hats on.”

For Denison Elementary, the kids watched a race between two firemen suiting up as a way to show off the equipment. And of course, everyone was very excited to see Sparky, Denison Fire’s mascot.

But their biggest competition was a drawing contest, for the fire truck to take them to school/

"The big winner was the young man that won the fire engine to school,” said Jacks. “We brought that here to get them even more excited about it. That's a special deal when a fire engine's going to come to their house.”

Both cities saw smiles on kids faces and hope that translates to a higher level of comfort with first responders.

"Puts a face to that occupation and lets the kids see,” said Moreland. “Somebody they may see everyday just around town. And now they know that's one of the firemen here, so they enjoy it."