ADA, Okla. (KTEN) — Life has its milestones. Turning 18, you're a legal adult. At 50, that's half a century.

"Rosie" Yarbrough from Allen, Oklahoma, has created a new category. She is 90 years old and still a full-time employee at an Oklahoma staple: Braum's.

"I don't mind. I enjoy working," Yarbrough said. "I've worked all my life."

Myrtla Rozetta Yarbrough — better known as Rosie — is on her way to working 32 years at the Braum's on Mississippi Avenue in Ada. She previously worked at a glass plant before joining the Braum's staff.

Rosie Yarbrough is honored at her 90th birthday party.

No matter where work has taken her, Yarbrough's work ethic has always remained the same.

"I get up at four o'clock every morning. I get ready and I come to work at six o'clock," she said. "I work 'till whenever; sometimes four, sometimes five. I get through with all my stuff."

As she goes through her day, her smile and positive attitude is contagious around Ada.

"I keep going. I smile all the time. If we hire somebody that doesn't smile, I'll tell them, 'If you're going to work with me, you're going to smile!'"

As Yarbrough gets ready for work on a daily basis, she has a secret as to how she's able to maintain a full-time gig at age 90.

"Well, I've never smoked. I've never drank. I don't party. I stay home," she said.

Rosie Yarbrough also said another important aspect to getting started in life is to always occupy yourself. Something as simple as staying busy can go a long way.

Rosie Yarbrough, 90, says a smile is essential to her work at an Ada ice cream shop.