MADILL, Okla., (KTEN) — Madill Public Schools invited alumni and the public to tour its newest facility on Friday. The Madill Event Center includes a gym, a STEM academy, and other spaces.

The project was made possible by a school bond passed by voters in 2019. 

“When I  first heard about it, I wasn't too excited... but once I got in and saw all of the classes and heard what we would be doing, I thought, 'This is amazing!'” said Madill High School senior Joshua Groeber. “I think the STEM building is probably the best thing that's ever happened to our school."

Superintendent Larry Case said the facility and resources will give students a head start toward a career after high school. 

“Here at Madill, we are not a part of a career tech where we can go and do other classes for our high school kids... so these STEM classrooms for CAD, drones, and aviation are very important for our students,” Case said. “We are very blessed and fortunate that this passed, and I'm very thankful for the Madill community  supporting us.” 

Students enrolled in STEM courses enjoy the hands-on learning experience. 

“These aviation rooms are going to change some of our lives,” said Logan Rushing, a Madill High School sophomore. “By the time I graduate, I'll have my pilot's license... some people will have their drone licenses... and some will have their certificates for CAD.”

Administrators were thrilled to have alums and other Madill residents inside the event center. 

“I want to walk around with tears in my eyes," Case said. "People say, 'What are you crying for?' And I say I'm just excited and blessed, because I know not all schools are able to have these facilities, and I'm just thankful the Madill people got behind us.”