ARDMORE, Oklahoma (KTEN) - The Plainview Indians are chasing back-to-back district titles and got off to a good start last week against Oklahoma City Douglass.

"They were a big, athletic team, and it was a good road test for the first district game of the year, so I think our kids went and did what they needed to do," said Plainview head coach Joe Price.

Meanwhile the Dickson Comets have yet to win a game, and head coach Matt Suffal is still on the journey of trying to turn the program around.

"We don't have the elite speed play makers some of these other schools have, but what we do have is grit and toughness and that blue collar work ethic, and that's what we're trying to get to," said Suffal.

Dickson has come a long way at staying motivated despite the adversity, while Plainview has a new guy under center this year and he's grateful for the weapons he has around him.

"Really your team helps you out a lot. Takes the stress away really. Guys like Dru and my offensive line, they protect me a lot," said Plainview senior quarterback Grant Graves. "I got Blake who takes the stress off me. He runs the ball really well. Morgan and Will and Sheppard and Hudson they all catch the ball really well. They get yards and then that shows up on my stats."

"This year I'm starting to see like we're getting better and better at not putting our head down," said Dickson senior full back Christian Cotton. "We're getting better at executing. We just got to get our offense under control."

Both head coaches have a lot they are looking out for come this Friday night.

"They've got big kids all over the place, so I think that's going to present a challenge moving those guys around and trying to run the football. Their running back or wing back, number 21, he's a very fast and athletic kid also a really good return guy so we got to make sure we have a lot of guys running to the ball to tackle him when he gets it," said Price.

"With a guy like Morgan Pearson on the outside and Steward I believe is his name, number 21 the running back, both those guys are elite play makers. Defensively they're fast and physical, but we're hoping to use that against them with our wing T stuff," said Suffal.

Kickoff is set for 7 p.m. on Friday.