SHERMAN, Texas (KTEN) -- Texas Lt. Gov. Dan Patrick made a stop in Sherman on Tuesday as he campaigns for re-election.

He discussed the hot topic of school safety,

"We leave these decisions to the school districts," Patrick said. "Some want metal detectors, some don't. Some -- particularly rural districts -- want to arm teachers, some big city districts don't. Some want procedures, and so we let those school districts make those decisions... we give them those resources."

Patrick, a Republican, also addressed border security.

"Look at what happened to Washington D.C. We have thousands that come in every day," he said. "They've had several thousand over the last month or so, and they're calling out the National Guard, 'We need help; it's an emergency.' They can go cry in their beer; I don't really care what they're suffering with."

The lieutenant governor noted that jobs are available around the state.

"Everyone's looking for workers," Patrick said. "So we have to encourage people to come back to work, and we have to be sure to get people back to the mode of working, as opposed to not working, as what happened during COVID. Some just haven't come back to the workforce."

Patrick's plan is to visit more than 130 cities during his campaign tour.

He will face Democrat Mike Collier and Libertarian Shanna Steele in the general election on November 8.