SOUTHMAYD, Texas (KTEN) — Three deadly car crashes at the busy intersection of State Highways 56 and 289 in Southmayd have led to changes.

The Texas Department of Transportation installed stop signs along Highway 56 this week, meaning that motorists at the crossroads about five miles west of Sherman must now come to a halt from all directions.

However, Southmayd police Chief Chad McKee remains concerned about safety at the intersection after a collision on Wednesday.

"The car was stopped at the stop sign; another car going 60 mph plowed into the back of them," he said. "People still running the stop signs."

Although there are rumble strips and lighted signs warning of the newly-installed stop signs, the chief said he was almost T-boned as well.

"I was heading home, and I went to the four-way stop under the via dock, started to turn left as to get onto 289, and a car was plowing down on me going 60 mph and I had to stop," McKee recounted.

Some people on Facebook are frustrated at the change, saying the stop signs are not enough.

"I think stoplights would be better at that location," McKee said. "It would help prevent a lot of accidents. But as of right now, that's TxDOT's decision."

TxDOT is slated to do a speed check in the area at some point; the result could be lower speed limits in the approach to the intersection.

An aerial view of the intersection of Highways 289 and 56 in Southmayd, Texas. (Google Maps)