ADA, Okla., (KTEN) — The Ada Public Library recently launched Brainfuse, an online service that connects students with live tutors, helps people prepare and practice for job interviews, and reviews their resumes before applying for a job. 

“They do not have to have a library card. You don't have to be in the library,” said library director Jolene Poore. ”So if it's 10 o'clock at night and your child is having trouble with math, they can get online and speak with a tutor.”

Along with live tutoring services, Brainfuse provides note-taking and studying resources

“It has a place where students can go in and create a study group. They have a place where they can use whiteboards and things like that, and if they set up an account, then it’s all saved, and they can go back and reference it when they are studying,” Poore explained. 

The JobNow component offers many services that help job-seekers stand out during the hiring process. 

“It has templates to do job resumes. It has job coaching. There is also live interview coaching and work with somebody live and get ready for your interview,” Poore said. 

The VetNow section provides resources specifically for veterans. 

“It helps them navigate the VA system and their benefits; it can help them if they want to return to school,” Poore explained. 

Brainfuse is available through a statewide contract purchased by the Oklahoma Department of Libraries. 

“We are using our federal funds to bring this online learning and tutoring service to all of the libraries, so that Oklahomans can access it no matter where they live in the state,” said ODL spokesperson Bill Young. 

To access Brainfuse, you can visit the Ada Public Library’s website.