BOKCHITO, Okla. (KTEN) — Although Rock Creek Public Schools failed to win voter support for a bond proposal last spring, the district is hoping taxpayers will vote "yes" on a downsized bond package in November's general election.

"It could be your kids that end up going to this school, and it would just overall help out with them," said Bokchito resident Rhys Dudek. "They just need all the help they can get."

Rock Creek is proposing an $800,000 bond to renovate the old wing of the high school and the first and third grade elementary building. 

"We're looking at basically re-roofing the elementary building, first through third grade building," said Superintendent Rob Frederick. "We're also going to do new flooring, ceiling grid, new doors in windows, and we also want to put control access doors on all of the doors of the elementary."

The superintendent says the only negative feedback the district received from the spring election was the property tax increase. 

"We circled the wagons, came back, and decided that a 5-and-a half percent increase was something we felt could be compromised to the people of our district," Frederick said.

Special Ed director Paula Knight said she hopes the outcome of this election will be different than the last one. 

"We need to give our kids the best learning environment they can have, and right now, our facilities lack in a lot of our places," she said. "I feel like if we could just get this bond passed, our kids could gain so much more out of it."

The Rock Creek Public Schools bond proposal will be on the general election ballot on November 8.