(KTEN) — Tuesday was National Voter Registration Day in preparation for the November mid-term elections. 

Kentucky's secretary of state said millions of Americans find themselves unable to vote because of missed registration deadlines; others are unsure how to register. National Registration Day was created in 2012 to ensure the opportunity to become an eligible voter.

"Voting is what you do to make your voice heard," said registered voter Laura Cichowski. "The military has done a lot through history sacrificing for your rights, and that is one of your primary rights." 

Local registrars joined forces to help people fill out a new voter registration form or update required information under new voter security laws. 

"This is an event that we are really proud to present to the county, so that people will learn about various opportunities," said registrar Jan Fletcher.

The deadline to register in Texas is October 11; in Oklahoma, the final day is October 14.  Election Day is Tuesday, November 8.