ARDMORE, Okla. (KTEN) — Two major water projects were approved by the Ardmore City Commission at a meeting Monday. One will repair a main water line and the other includes a plan to begin repairs on the City Lake Dam structure that dates back to Oklahoma's statehood. 

“The contract that was approved on Monday night was for a little over $900,000 to do an underwater inspection of the dam and put together the construction documents,” said Ardmore City Manager Kevin Boatright. “This will be the first of two large dam projects we will have.”

The City of Ardmore has been looking to repair two dams for several years. The City Lake Dam is the first project on their list. 

"In the past year, we got a low-interest loan from the Oklahoma Water Resources Board for about $30 million,” Boatright explained. ”This is the first project we are going to do with those funds."

Also on Monday's agenda was the main water line replacement project at Cool Creek. 

"The creek and the erosion over time have exposed our water line, which means if we have a large flood or large debris comes down the creek, it could break our main water supply line," Boatright said. 

A little over $850,000 bid will be used to start the replacement project. 

“So they will come in and expose more of it, take measurements, and then basically what they will do is create an identical piece of pipe buried underneath the creek this time,” Boatright said. “Then they will have to disconnect from that section and reconnect to a brand new section.”

Plans for Phase 2 of the construction project to widen Rockford Road were also discussed. 

“We are at about 30 to 60 percent planned, so we are going to take that to 100 percent,” said Ardmore City Engineer Josh Randell. “It'll be finalized with all your specifications, and then we’ll go to bid with the final package. So we should have that wrapped up in the next few months."