(KTEN) — Baby copperhead snakes can found anywhere... in rocks, brush debris, old farmhouses and wooded areas. 

"They're really so small, it's hard to see them; that's why we get worried about this season," said Robert Bourne with the Bryan County OSU Extension Center. "They usually come out in spring and fall. Either time they can be dangerous for us to humans."

If you see one baby copperhead, there are bound to be more nearby. 

"They don't make the rattling sound a rattlesnake would do, but they do in the leaves. They will make a rustling sound if you get too close," Bourne said.

As deer hunting season approaches, hunters should wear the proper clothing when they're out in the woods to stay safe from these snakes. 

"Make sure you have leather boots that are mid-shin length; that's going to protect you," advised Matt Gamble, senior manager for Choctaw Nation Wildlife Conservation. "If you go full out, you can get snake chaps or snake leggings that are snake-proof."

If you're bitten by a snake, seek medical attention as soon as you can. 

"The best thing for you is to remain calm," Gamble said. "If you get really excited, it's going to increase your heart rate, which is going to spread the venom quicker in your body... so remain calm."