ADA, Okla. (KTEN) — Educators are finding more and more uses for drones these days. Some young pilots might find themselves in a career they hadn't imagined.

The aviation program is in its sixth year at Ada High School, and now the curriculum is becoming much more than flying planes.

“We’re implementing a new program,” Aviation teacher Chris Eckler said. “We’re going to work on getting all of our seniors Part 107 certified, which is their commercial drone operators license.”

While some people use drones for fun, the course lets students get a head start on a job.

“Getting them hands-on industry training with local businesses like Realtors, surveying companies,” Eckler said.

Realtor Jinger McClure said there’s a need for trained drone pilots in her field.

“Almost any listing now will have drone footage as well showing the property from the aerial view,” she explained.

Sometimes, those additional shots can change the game for potential customers.

“Out-of-state buyers that maybe want to come in and are looking at property that they can’t look at in person, they get a much better view of what the property looks like,” McClure said.

As the kids start to figure out the controls, it’s a good thing those drones are durable.

“Ninety-nine dollars, so if the kids crash it, they just fall onto the ground, won’t break,” Eckler said. “These are Mavic 3, these are about $2,200, these actually have professional cameras on them.”

Eckler adds it might be a little while before anyone takes the Maverick out for a spin.