SHERMAN, Texas (KTEN) -- Charlotte Brooks has checked New York Fashion Week off her bucket list, thanks to the expansion her parents' business.

"She has made a global difference in people's lives, more than what mom and dad can do. I really reflect that our desire is to live out her desires," said Kameron Brooks, co-owner of The Charlotte Letter Clothing Company. 

The company was launched in July 2021 to make adaptive clothing for kids with special needs, just like their daughter Charlotte. 

"It's clothing designed for kids with medical needs, so that you can access any part of them in case of an emergency and day-to-day activities," said co-owner  Stephanie Brooks. 

After a doctor's appointment revealed Charlotte may not have long to live, Kameron and Stephanie Brooks created a bucket list for her, which included walking the runway at an adaptive fashion show during New York Fashion Week. 

"We didn't think she was going to make it there, and she made it," said Kameron Brooks. "We'll continue to move forward and make sure she still has the opportunity to meet our bucket list items that we have for her."

Although there are risks, her parents plan on making very moment they have left with Charlotte memorable for their whole family. 

"This is another moment of us taking a risk to go make sure she can feel that she lived life, and so, that's the biggest goal for us," Kameron Brooks said.