SHERMAN, Texas (KTEN)—A Sherman business owner got a bit of publicity after appearing on a new HGTV series.

Lonnie Watterson is the owner of Signature Home Furniture, which supplied furniture for a house in the area featured on the network's Flip to a Million series.

"It was their first flip... it was the first flip they were doing in Denison... and they needed some help with furniture," Watterson said. "It just seemed like a great way for us to get a little exposure and to help them out. It turned out to be a really neat deal."

His appearance on the show is driving more customers to his business.

"The first lady that came in, said she wanted to buy from celebrities," Watterson said. "For her to see local town people on TV, that was a big deal."

"Flip to A Million" revolves around two couples with a $1,000 budget flipping homes to sell for a target profit of $1,000,000. Hosts Jonathan and Danielle Wrobel landed in the Denison area.

"I didn't really completely understand the concept when they first came to us, but they were filming a series where they were flipping houses, and the first person to get to flip a million dollar home wins," Watterson said.

The segments with Watterson were filmed in October 2021, and the series started airing in early August.