BONHAM, Texas (KTEN) — Relay for Life crowds were back in Bonham on Saturday morning. They raised more than $27,000 for Cancer Awareness Day on Sunday.

This was the first live event since 2019, and the only Relay for Life in North Texas. 

Caregivers and survivors were emotional and excited to be able to come together once again to raise awareness in the fight against cancer. 

"This year it is just a little more important, because last year my sister went through cancer and I was her caregiver," said Gail Young. "So it is going to be different for us this year; she is going to be a survivor."

"I am a 32-year cancer survivor, and I did Relay where I lived before, which was Denton," said Judy Jeans. "I am so excited to be back and do Relay; it is just amazing."

Having an opportunity to bring others together who have battled or struggled with cancer is important to the Fannin County Relay team. 

"I don't know if I got any rest last night, but definitely it's going to be something to be proud about," said event organizer Tim La Vergne. 

Over the years, Relay for Life of Fannin County has raised $1 million for the fight against cancer.