TISHOMINGO, Okla. (KTEN) -- The city of Tishomingo has been battling a water shortage for over half of the year. With minimal relief from rainfall, the city is establishing the strictest water conservation practices in its history.

"We're currently in Stage 5, that says there is no outdoor watering of any kind," said City Manager Troy Golden. "We could be possibly contacting some businesses to ask if they can continue to save water as well."

Even though Texoma has seen some precipitation and cooler temperatures in the last month, it's hasn't been enough for Tishomingo.

"There's been a lot of rain surrounding us — just two and three inches at times — but the catch basin has only received one inch in the last rains we've had," Golden said.

As water restrictions tighten, there can be a push for businesses to slow water usage. One of the businesses that could be affected are ones that grow medicinal marijuana.

Jaye Kennedy, an operations manager at Evergreen Evolution in Tishomingo, says the business has already been engaging in water conservation practices.

"We go through thousands of gallons of water sometimes," Kennedy said. "It's been a big problem for us because we've had to restrict some of the things that we do and the way that we operate. We've had to buy water. We bought a lot of water just to keep our operation up and going at times."

With the city continuing to deal with the same problem, it begs the question: What's next?

"We are looking at some emergency opportunities to bring in new water," Golden said. "We're looking at bringing water from a well site north of town."