ARDMORE, Okla. (KTEN) — The City of Ardmore has donated 10 laptop computers to the Lone Grove Police Department to support inter-agency communications.

"We can't necessarily talk to Lone Grove easily or Dickson. There is just no way to communicate easily technology-wise," Chief Technology Information Officer for the City of Ardmore, Robert Newell, explained. "This application will look at their system and our system at the same time and show on a map where everybody is."

Ardmore said the laptops will help LGPD advance its technology and support its desire to have mobile data terminals (MDTs) in each police unit.

“They will have a lot of web-based resources at their fingertips. They will be able to work on their reports inside their vehicle and take those and print them out at the station instead of going back," said Ardmore police Capt. Claude Henry. "The MDTs have been a great resource for us, and we are hoping to pass that on to them.”

The two departments do not utilize the same radio dispatch frequency, so if a pursuit crosses into Lone Grove city limits, Ardmore hasn't been able to alert their officers or dispatchers.

But with both departments having MDTs and GeoSafe technology, officers will be aware of any pursuit or other critical incident.

"It allows them to see real-time what is going on," said Ardmore police Capt. Claude Henry. "Likewise, if they have something going on and we see it on our side, we are able to go in and assist. So it really cuts down on the response time when we really need help"