TISHOMINGO, Okla. (KTEN) — The Individual Career Academic Plan is a program at Tishomingo Public Schools that creates career pathways for students outside the classroom.

The program, which began several years ago, has grown significantly the last two years. Cleta Phillips teaches the program and implements its unique way of evaluating students.

"We do interest inventories and skills assessments," she explained. "In [the student's] junior and senior year, they can do intern courses where we can get them out on a job."

On top of completing required coursework, students sign up for elective courses related to fields that match their skill assessments and interests.

For older students looking for internship opportunities in Tishomingo, the ICAP program has created a network between the school district and the city's businesses.

"I see the kids being excited about the future and what they can do," Phillips said. "I see doors opening. It improves the relationship between the school system, the students, and the community."

As the career planning program grows, Tishomingo Public Schools is continuing to take initiative for the success of its students.

"The success of our students is not just measured on the ACT," said Superintendent Bobby Waitman. "It's measured by what they do with what they learn beyond high school."

He added that other schools around the state are adopting this new style of learning to prepare students for their careers.