POTTSBORO, Texas (KTEN) -- Preston Volunteer Emergency Services held a scheduled board meeting on Tuesday evening. But its members were quick to pull the trigger to adjourn.

The PVES board was expected to discuss public concern about a personnel shortage prompted by the abrupt resignation of six volunteer firefighters after Chief Chase Standford was fired.

Standford was accused of mishandling fire department funds. 

"I've never seen an organization fight against progress and fight against for what's right for its community and its people harder than this board does," said former volunteer firefighter Christian Collins. 

"I was disappointed they did not call for open questions... usually at the end of the meeting, when you have a decent public attendance," said local resident Tracie Phillips. "Obviously there was several of us who had questions."

It was unclear why the board ended the meeting so abruptly.

"In my belief, they did not want the public to have their voice heard, they did not want any confrontation," Collins said. 

Residents in the Preston fire district said they will continue attending each board meeting until they receive some explanations.

The PVES board is required to have a public meeting every month, and is subject to the rules of the Texas Public Information Act.