SHERMAN, Texas (KTEN) — Ever since Sherman High School's agricultural program began in 1930, it has continued to serve more and more students. 

With more than 500 students filling up classrooms, the program applied for a Walmart Community Grant to help accommodate the growth. 

"I was initially contacted by Dr. Bennett, our superintendent, and he mentioned that Walmart had a grant program, and they would love to see some of different program of schools to apply, and I filled out an application online," said Ag teacher Kristi Sroka.

This $2,000 grant help pay for official clothing and supplies needed for their FFA program. 

"Getting a new lamb trimming stand, making sure we have clippers, and clipper blades for some of our livestock projects, working with our rabbit projects," Sroka said.

Students are excited to see how this grant will benefit their program now and for the future. 

"I have been able to see the growth — not only the years I've been in high school, but when I was a part of it when I was younger," said FFA president Kaelyn Olson. "It's really awesome to just see the change that is coming."