DURANT, Okla. (KTEN) — Tuesday night's Durant City Council meeting had a lot on the agenda, including the University Boulevard construction project that's been on everybody's mind.

"Approximately money-wise, it's about 30 percent complete," said Brandon Wall, city engineer during the meeting. "The actual paving portion is, you know, a lot less state-of-completion than that."

The University Boulevard project had been scheduled for completion on Monday, but construction continued on Tuesday.

"They will continue to work unless given an order to stop by the city," said Wall.

On Tuesday, the city finally received an update from the company doing the construction saying the new completion date is December 27. A

"Is that this year?" asked a Council member.

"Yes that's this year," said Wall.

"What's their excuse? That's what I'd like to know," said Council member Humphrey Miller.

The Council is now planning to meet separately to try and determine whether to have city crews finish the work.

Also on Tuesday's agenda, discussion of a grant to enhance safety at city parks, including Billy Miller, Carl Albert, Dixon and Lloyd Plyler. 

The grant, which does not require any city funding, would improve lighting and trails.

"Because it's hot, we come and skate at night," said Brandon. "And like, this light right here works super well, but kind of this other side is super dark."