SHERMAN, Texas. (KTEN) -- It's no secret drought has been a big issue across Texoma this summer. Despite recent rains and improvement across our North Texas counties, extreme drought remains across much of southern Oklahoma. 

Texoma drought monitor for the week of September 12, 2022.


 In order to understand how long this generally dry stretch has lasted, we must go back to September of 2021. 

Only one of the past thirteen months has been above average rainfall in Sherman.


Sherman received 1.55" of rain in September of 2021--almost a 2 inch deficit for the month. From September 2021 through March of 2022, all 7 months in Sherman clocked in with a rainfall deficit. April 2022 ended with 6.84 inches of rain--a nearly 3 inch surplus. However, the surplus was short lived. Since then, every month has ended with a deficit that now stretches into September of 2022. 

For those doing the math, that means 12 of the past 13 months have been at a rainfall deficit. 

Monthly observed rainfall in Sherman since September 2021.

Month to date for September of 2022, Sherman has received only .30 inches of rain. 

With high pressure building in through mid September, no good rain chances are in the forecast. With no good rain on the way, drought is expected to remain.