ARDMORE, Okla. (KTEN) -- The Ardmore Fire Department has been planning to update Fire Station No. 2 since July. A recent budget approval will move the process along for the $2.5 million project.

At a Tuesday meeting of the Ardmore City Commission, Fire Chief Cary Williamson proposed a $30,300 price tag for the initial stage. 

"What was approved Tuesday night was the civil design work," Williamson said. "That's basically the elevations, dirt work and runoff."

The funding will let Fox Engineering Inc. prepare dimension planning, drainage and topography mapping.

The city is using the GAPS tax to fund the civil design plan and the $2.5 million project.

"Those things that we've been able to complete with the GAPS tax have been a tremendous bonus to us and to the citizens, and that's what the tax is for," Williamson said.

Once the civil design is complete, the architect for the construction, Corner Greer and Associates, will continue to develop a blueprint for station two.

According to Chief Williamson, the city is looking at an estimated two-year construction time before the project is complete.