DICKSON, Okla. (KTEN) -- Dickson Public Schools has a fury friend new to the district that's putting a smile on kid's faces.

Meet Comet. Comet is named after the school's mascot the 'Dickson Comets'. His owners, Amber and Zack Gadberry, are teachers at Dickson high school.

Comet, just seven months old, is getting acquainted with his role of being a service dog to all of the kids at Dickson Public Schools.

"Students at all levels and the faculty love to see him coming," owner Zack Gadberry said. "We've had teachers call and say 'hey can Comet come visit?'. So, we bring him over and they get to visit with him."

Due to Comet's young age, he's still working to earn certification as a therapy dog. Regardless of his title, it's clear he's leaving his mark on all of the students and staff at Dickson Public Schools.