DENISON, Texas (KTEN) — Members of the Denison Animal Welfare Group were up early Thursday morning at North Texas Regional Airport to send off dozens of pets on a journey to their new homes in the northern United States.

“We take homeless dogs and we find places for them up there with other rescues, because they have a shortage of dogs up there and we have an overage,” explained volunteer Bruce Edmaiston.

This is the second time DAWG has partnered with Dog Is My CoPilot, which specializes in pet airlifts.  So far, they’ve sent off about 130 animals.

“First time we sent 70-something animals. This time I think it was 56. But a lot of the dogs this time were bigger,” Edmaiston said.

The plane is expected to stop in Minnesota, Illinois and Wisconsin, where shelters will offer them for adoption.

Dog Is My CoPilot airlifted more than 50 pets from Denison to shelters in the northern U.S. on September 8, 2022.