WHITEWRIGHT, Texas (KTEN) — Off-road racing is fast, and that's the way 10--year-old Emmalee Fowler likes it.

The Whitewright fifth-grader is now back from her first event in Oklahoma, proud of her shiny first place trophy.

"I like going fast," said Emmalee.

And her father, Chris Fowler, is proud as well.

"I talk to her, tell her, 'Go! Go! Go!'" he said. "And she went."

The Mid America Off-Road Association is seeing more families — including girls — in their races.  

"Gosh, I got 13 year old in there," said MAORA director Billy Champion. "And I've got a 52-year-old woman in there that's racing."

Whitewright fifth grader Emmalee Fowler is an off-road racer.

Emmalee credits her dad for her fledgling racing career.

"My dad does it, and I like doing stuff that my dad does," she said.

And now she's learned a lot about what makes her machine go.

"Emergency brake... it's kind of like a parking brake," Emmalee explained. "And then my seat belt is an easy release in case there's a fire. So I can just pull this and then it'll come loose and I can just crawl out."

Now she just has to prepare for her next race.