DENISON, Texas (KTEN) -- After much discussion over the last few months on budget proposals, the city of Denison voted on the approval of the 2022-2023 fiscal year budget.

The budget will be an increase from last years due to inflation and significant growth. The 117.7 million dollar budget will include new projects like utility equipment upgrades, as well as new software for 911 communications and cemeteries 

"This budget is about 6 million dollars higher than what it was last year, that's based on a couple of different factors," said Denison's media manager, Emily Agans.

Taxpayers should note within this budget, an increase in property tax revenue is expected, however the current tax rate will still be the same.  The new budget will also bring a bump in pay for city staff. 

"An average of 4.29 market adjustment per necessary, fire civil service will have receive a 7 percent increase and police civil service will receive a 10 percent increase," said Denison's finance director, Laurie Alsabbagh. 

With a new budget in the books; the city will begin these actions as soon a October 1st when the new fiscal year begins.