PAULS VALLEY, Okla. (KTEN) — In June, Pauls Valley police officers encountered a gunman who opened fire with multiple weapons.

Assistant Chief Derrick Jolley noted that police were outgunned from a distance during the incident, and their handguns were ineffective.

Pauls Valley officers took cover for more than two hours before other agencies arrived to assist.

That incident prompted the Pauls Valley department to arrange for rifle training to make sure its officers are prepared for any situation.

"We had officers that were able to view the suspect as he was shooting at them; however, they were over 100 yards away and their handguns were ineffective at that range," Jolley said. "So with them having rifles, that situation could have ended a whole lot sooner."

Officers were trained and certified to use patrol rifles last week.

Although rifle training is not mandatory, it is something the Pauls Valley Police Department is now prioritizing.