(KTEN) – This is the start of a monthly review series for Texoma weather. At the start of every new month, we will recap the previous month’s weather to see where we stand in terms of temperature, precipitation, and/or drought conditions.

August was a rather wet month depending on where you reside in Texoma. Some locations picked up nearly nine inches of rain, meanwhile others only received around an inch and a half of rainfall.

August 2022 rainfall totals

This rainfall has allowed for drought conditions to lessen in some locations, but others are still dealing with extreme drought conditions as of September 1.

US Drought Monitor as of September 1

August started off hot with triple digit heat dominating the forecast. Relief arrived in the form of a new weather pattern by the middle of the month with repeated rounds of rain thanks to a stationary boundary that set up shop near Texoma.

August 2022 temperatures

This new weather pattern allowed for the end of a record-tying dry streak that pummeled Texoma for 59 consecutive days. A persistent high pressure system located over Texoma was the culprit for this dry streak.

A record-tying dry streak ended on August 17

The end of August also brings the end to Meteorological Summer. It was a rather hot summer for Texoma, but how hot was it compared to recorded history? Well, the Summer of 2022 was the fourth warmest on record with an average high temperature of 96.0°F from June 1 to August 31.

Top 10 highest average high temperatures for a summer

Now that Meteorological Fall is here, temperatures will slowly start to lower as we head towards winter.