Hurricane Danielle has formed in the North Atlantic, making it the first named storm in the Atlantic Basin since Tropical Storm Colin formed off the Carolina Coast on July 2 and the first hurricane of the year.

Hurricane Danielle is forecast to strenghten to Category 2 status by September 3

Danielle formed into a tropical storm on September 1, after a nearly two month long streak of inactivity in the Atlantic Basin. This is only the third time in recorded history that a tropical cyclone was not named in August.

Danielle strengthened to hurricane status on September 2. The storm is forecast to become a Category 2 storm by September 3.

Danielle also formed about as far north and east as any other tropical cyclone in September in the modern era.

Danielle is expected to remain a “fish storm,” meaning there will be no impact to land.

Hurricane Danielle on September 2, 2022.