SHERMAN, Texas (KTEN) — Wilson N. Jones Regional Medical Center is preparing for new patients at its refurbished psych wing.

"Our goal of the behavioral health unit is to provide health care through hope, healing and wellness," said Rochello Govindasamy, Director of Nurses Behavioral Health.

The wing had been shut down in 2020 as a result of the COVID-19 pandemic. Its services are needed in several counties and in other hospitals nearby.

"We are woefully under-served with psychiatric beds," WNJ CEO Julie Stumberg. "So we decided to open slowly, but we know that we'll be full very soon."

That includes incarcerated patients and the homeless.

"We're all working together, anything we can do," said Stumberg. "I spoke with Sheriff Watt yesterday, and I said, 'Yes sir we're open.' He's like, 'I'm so glad!'"

The WNJ psych ward has 12 new beds, and is prepared for any area of mental health help that a patient may need.

"Caters to many different diagnoses," said Govindasamy. "We have trained therapists, psychiatrists, and nurses who are able to fulfill all the mental health needs."

"Nothing can hang from it, the showers and everything," said Stumberg, pointing out the door handle security feature. "Yes, safety... safety of the patient."

Wilson N. Jones says it is seeing staff return, and leaders hope they can continue to grow to serve patients who suffer from mental illness.