SHERMAN, Texas (KTEN) — If someone approaches you with gold jewelry claiming that it's valuable, it may be too good to be true. 

"We have had customers bring in items like this ring, and have been asking us if it's real, it it's gold, how much is it worth," said Deanna Fri, co-owner of The Jewelers Bench in Sherman. 

These customers all have a similar story. They were approached by someone needing help to fill their gas tank in return for "pure gold." 

"They may say it's even stamped on the inside, and it is, it says 18K," said Fri. "They're giving anywhere from $40 to $400 for something that's worth nothing."

Loyd Bohannan admits that he fell victim to this scam while he was the the Valero convenience store at U.S. 75 and FM 1417 in Sherman. 

"She was crying and sad, and said they lost everything" Bohannan recalled. "Really, she made it seem so believable, but with a big heart and caring heart and crying babies in the car, it's easy to be deceived."

Bohannan was one of the lucky ones. He gave the family some money, but as he was about to give more, someone stopped him. 

"You can't always just follow your heart; you got to use your mind, your brain, you got to have common sense," Bohannan said.

There are some tell-tale ways to detect fake gold. 

"This is kind of like a brassy, and now that we have been seeing this style, we know... it's the same they have been bringing in," Fri said. "It's really the color of the gold, it should be more yellow."