SAVOY, Texas (KTEN) — An armed man was arrested after police said he tried contacting his ex-girlfriend at Savoy Elementary School.

Savoy police said they found Timothy Gray, 50, by his car in the school's parking lot on Friday, and he gave officers the okay to search his car.

Police said they found cocaine and a firearm.

"When he was questioned about what he was doing at the school, he stated that he did not have a child in school and no reason to be there," said Savoy police Chief Robert Null. "He finally told me he was there to talk to his ex. When I asked him why he come to the school to do that, he said she wouldn't take his phone calls, so he figured he would do it in person."

Null said Gray was arrested and taken to Fannin County Jail. He faces a number of charges, including unlawful carrying of a firearm.

Gray was subsequently released on bond.