ARDMORE, Okla., (KTEN) — Around 1 a.m. Saturday,  Ardmore police responded to a call in the 1300 block of John Road. 

“Two of my neighbors heard gunshots — like four or five rounds — and my neighbor over there heard gunshots and called 911,” said  Melanie Williams.

Police said the initial call was a stolen vehicle report. 

When officers arrived, they found that one man had been shot and killed. 

“I didn't hear the gunshot sound, but my neighbors did, so that happened first," Williams said. "And then the car hit my house.”

She was asleep when the shots were fired, but quickly awakened to the sound of the crash.

"I saw the wall crashed in, and realized somebody had hit the wall,” Williams recalled. “So I got up, and it scared me, and I went outside to see what had happened, and a car had hit the house.” 

Ardmore police are actively investigating the shooting. 

At this time, no information about the suspects involved in the shooting has been released.