SHERMAN, Texas (KTEN) – The latest technology, an open floor plan, and less formal attire are just a few ways a Sherman jeweler is earning the trust of its customers.

"Your reputation's on the line, so you want to be careful with whatever comes in," said Lonnie McCoy, owner of The Jewelers Bench.

The shop took a leap of faith investing in high-tech equipment to build transparency with everyone who walks through their door.

"We are really careful about what we do; we show people what they have when they bring it in, and then they begin to trust you, and it's not so bad," said McCoy, a third generation jeweler.

Now it is his son who makes those meticulous cuts right in front of a customer's eyes.

"My dad taught me how; I taught my son how; my dad's dad taught him how,” McCoy said. “That's the way we learned, but a lot of people go to school. There are colleges around." 

Instead of buying a ring online that hundreds of other people own, McCoy suggests building your own, then watching them make it under computer guidance.

"We tell the program what size diamond it is; this is 2 carat. If I wanted a 1 carat, I could just slide the slider and it rebuilds the ring around a one carat," McCoy said.

The service experience begins the second a customer walks in.

"We push this little button here and it magically makes a picture of the finished product before it's made. So you can know if you like it," McCoy said.

The Jeweler's Bench also invested in an engraving machine. McCoy says customers love personalizing their guns with it.

Even their work attire is purposeful, swapping a suit and tie for a polo shirt to promote a more casual atmosphere.