DENISON, Texas (KTEN) — Sgt. Tom Longmire and his wife Laura were both honored as Texoma Heroes for their service to Texoma and to our veterans.

"They have given so much of their time," said Texoma Hero program president Billy Teague. "The contribution they have made to our community... you can count them, and they're just two really great people that really deserve the recognition."

Tom Longmire was born at Perrin Air Force Base in Denison in 1955. After finishing high school in 1973, he joined the Army to serve his country.

"I had some opportunities on the front, if you will, during the Cold War and worked with a lot of people," he said. "It was a great opportunity, and really kicked off discipline and training for the rest of my career."

Longmire's wife, Laura, received the title right along with him to celebrate her lifelong work assisting veterans and also for raising a veteran and mentoring her veteran family.

"Our mission is to listen, learn and repeat those stories, because they are not in textbooks," she said. "Many times we hear about things we never thought of or were exposed to."

Both Tom and Laura Longmire said they felt honored to be recognized together. 

"There are plenty of other people who are heroes who should be up here, but I do appreciate the recognition as a couple," Tom Longmire said. "That's what makes it even more special."