CARTER COUNTY, Okla. (KTEN)  -- As Oklahoma's primary runoff election wraps up, reaction from the public regarding turnout and voter participation was a hot topic along with the candidates on the ballot.

Carter County resident Carolyn McElroy shared her thoughts about the importance of voting in all elections, not just the midterms.

"Not a lot of people consider this [runoff] important," she said. "They wait until November, but it leads up, and it's a mindset about voting, voting, voting."

With 10 polling locations in Ardmore and 25 throughout Carter County, Oklahomans went to the polls to vote for candidates whose names will be on the November ballot.

With this being the last election until November 8, Carter County citizens had the opportunity to vote on Senate candidates among other open offices.

"Our country's future is dependent on our voting, and so we have to have fair and good elections in order to do that," said voter and poll worker Babette Seals.