SHERMAN, Texas (KTEN) — Sherman has a new work crew in town, but it's not who you might expect.

The Sherman High School baseball team took on its first job last week, helping local company Presco move office equipment across town.

"I had a need for a crew to move some office furniture for me, and a friend of mine recommended Sherman's high school baseball team looking to do some community service projects," said Paul Manley, Presco's vice president of engineering. "I called them, and it worked out real well."

Head coach Chris Anderson wants to instill a service mindset in his players.

"Getting them to understand, each month, 'Hey, I can give a little bit each month and not expect anything in return,' is huge for us," Anderson said. "Hopefully that will trickle down into the culture of our team."

In return for the Bearcats' help, Presco is donating to Audra's All Stars, a baseball league for children with disabilities, at the team's request. However, the team does not require any kind of compensation for a job.

"Obviously if it's something that works out where we can help out two different entities at one time, that's huge," Anderson said. "It's not something we expect"

The effort also gets the players out and interacting with their community.

"It was pretty fun, being with all my teammates, getting to talk to some people that I don't really talk to a lot, and getting paired up with different people to move stuff," said senior Adam Young.

Sherman baseball is interested in manual labor jobs, like moving or cleaning up property. Anyone wanting help can contact Coach Anderson at [email protected].