GAINESVILLE, Texas (KTEN) -- There were a lot of emotions on display Tuesday at the trial of three people who were arrested two years ago during a protest of the Confederate monument outside the Cooke County Courthouse.

Justin Thompson, Torrey Henderson and Amara Ridge -- who founded the racial equality group PRO Gainesville -- are facing charges for obstructing a highway during an August 2000 march to demand the monument's removal.

Gainesville police said they asked the protestors to get out of the roadway, but they refused. Some of the protesters said they never heard the police request. 

The three PRO Gainesville co-founders were then arrested and sent to jail until posting bail. 

"It's just tough because, I mean, those are my sisters, we grew up together," Jasmine Henderson, whose sister is one of the defendants. "We've done everything together, and we have never been in trouble, especially because we're getting in trouble for essentially, for saying, 'Hey, can we take a racist statue down, so that everyone feels more comfortable?'"

If found guilty, the three defendants could be sentenced with six months in jail and a $2,000 fine.